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It's like medicine.: What the hell is "white privilege"?





This is a post for my fellow white people.

When you’re a member of a privileged group, like being cisgendered, heterosexual, white, or male, the most difficult part of understanding activism, developing progressive ideas, and becoming a good ally is figuring out exactly what…

I’m sorry, but no. Just no. This whole thing is racist and sexist in itself. All white people are spoiled? All males are spoiled? This is complete hypocrisy at it’s finest. There is no reason for saying things like “kill whitey” and any of those other slogans. They support exactly what I assume the writer of this is trying to destroy. There is nothing progressive about this. You don’t want to see color? So don’t see it. You don’t want hate to be spread? Don’t give it excuses because of the history of our fathers and grandfathers. Stop saying that because someone is white or male that we’re all ungrateful assholes. You are everything that you are trying to stand against.

check it out everyone, this white male has an opinion he would like everyone to take really seriously. because, like, if you want to just not see color, man, then you don’t!  racism is over.

Thank you ever so much for clearly proving my point. No amount of sarcasm can cover your tracks, however funny the meme may be.

I read the orginal works this post came from, numerous times, still don’t understand how someone could posess this level of ignorance.

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    I know, right? Jesus was pretty obviously a Trekkie.
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    Also this user description: I’m Corey. Body mods, metal, Christ follower, art, lotr, star wars, unicorns, horror, gore,...
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  21. oldmanyellsatcloud said: Doesn’t this have less to do with race awareness than it does cultural awareness in general? Seems to be falling into the trap of using the same logic of what its trying to fight against here.
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    Oooh, hey… hmm.. yeah. Ok So like, do you have an hour? An hour of your life to spend watching something to dig you out...
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